A reputation that's as strong as our buildings

About Bracewell Construction

Bracewell Construction was formed in 1952 by Barry Bracewell.  Since 1981, Glenn Bracewell has been in charge and continues to run the company to this day, together with son Seth Bracewell.

Over sixty five years, Bracewell Construction is proud to be known for always completing work on time. If you need a high quality construction project and you need it on time, then Bracewell Construction is exactly what you’re looking for.

Bracewell Construction specialise in multi unit residential construction, schools, banks, offices, warehouses, hotels and apartments, ranging in value up to $50 million.  We have successfully completed over 1000 apartments.

Over the period of 65 years, we’ve built a reputation that’s as strong as our buildings. If you’re looking for a company that’s been around and gives you high quality construction and does it on time, look no further. You’ve just found in Bracewell Construction, a company that does exactly that.

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